2018/2019 Request for Quotations Adverts RFQ


Air Valve Supply



Graded Asphalt

Road Markings Paint

Stores Spares Supply



Cement Supply

Asphalt Recycle Hire

Roller Hire



Gardening Tools

Safety Clothing

Traffic Fine Books



Hiring Tipper Truck Emba

Dairies and Calendars

Re-routing of Sewege



Manhole Construction Material

Fitment of ANPR

Maintenance of Lanfillsite



Training Supervisory Management

Training Water Management

Training Fire Management



Jet Vag Hire

Training 1st Aid

Training Hygenic Cleaning



Uplifting Manhole

Re-routing Manhole

45KW_380V Motor



Compactor Hire2

Grader Hire

Gardening tools



Interlocking Bricks

Compactor Roller Hire

Water Tanker Hiring



Hailing System

Building Renovations

Laptops and Desktop



Hire Pressure Valve

Sewer line Routing

Township Esstablishment



SS65% Cationic Spray Emulsoin

6 Valves & Fasten Ranger

Cleaning Material



Tipper Truck Hire Emba

Tipper Truck Emba

Crusher Stones



Compactor Hire Leandra

Excavator Hire Emba

Water Tanker Hire Emba



Traffic Uniform

Tanker Hire Leandra

TLB Hire Leandra



Emulsion Drums

Compactor Roller Higher

Pumps Supply & Installation



Grass Cutters

Tipper Truck Hire

Pavement Construct Bethal



Uniform Fire 107

Cleaning Material

Training Public Speaking



Uniform Traffic

Overalls biodiversity

Safety Boots



Retro Valve

Road Marking Paint



Training Computing

Training Reticulation

Training High Voltage



Storm water

Pressure Jet Hire

45kw motor repair



37KW & 45KW Motor Repair

Excavator Hire

Water Tanker Hire



Traffic Fines System

Safety Boots

Safety Overalls



Money Scanners

Indigent Vetting

High Pressure Jet


2017/2019 Awarded Request for Quotations RFQ


Awarded RFQs 2017/18

Awarded Tenders 2017/18

Awarded Tenders 2018x2019


2017/2018 Request for Quotations Adverts RFQ


Landfill site Evaluation


Brush Cutters



Blue Lights

Outdoor Advertising

Indigent Vetting



WWTW Overalls

Steel Rods

EDMS System



Protective Clothing

Road Paint

Grass Cutting



Councillors Training

WaterCart Hire



Excavator Hire eMba

Tipper Truck Hire

Grader Hire



Excavator Hire

Tire Fitment

Concrete Pipes



Cement Bags

Building Sand

Pressure Jet Cleaner



Antistable Drums

Crusher Run

Crusher Sand



Supply of Tires

Disciplinary Hearing Training

Training ORHVS



Stores Water Adapters

Water Stores Parts

Repair of Catch pits Emzinoni



Delivery of River Sand

Supply & Delivery: Crusher Run

Supply & Delivery: Concrete Pipes


2018/2019 Tenders Adverts


Hot Asphalt

EDMS System

Revenue Strategy