Department Corporate Services are responsible for:

Human Resource Management and Development (HR)

  • HR Practices and Administration Services.
  • HR Utilisation and Capacity Development.
  • HR Organisational Strategy and Planning.
  • Employee Health and Wellness.
  • Employee relations and People Management.

Legal and Municipal Court

  • Interpret Legislation and Render Legal Advisory services.
  • Liaison with State Attorney and State Law Advisors
  • Council Representation on Litigation Matters.
  • Review By-Laws and Enforce.
  • Management of Liquor and Business Licenses.
  • GIS dash boarding .

Administration, Secretariat, Records and Auxiliary Services

  • Manage Municipal Records.
  • Manage Cleaning, Gardening , Messenger and Secretarial Services (Auxiliary Services).
  • Manage Secretariat Services to Council and Council Committees.
  • Council Administration Management.

Information Communication Technology

  • Municipal ICT Operations Management.
  • Implementation of Disaster ICT Management System
  • Information Technology Support Services.
  • Network Support Services.