Department Planning and Development



Integrated Development Planning, Performance Management and Risk Management

  • Facilitate the Development of IDP.
  • Monitor the Implementation of IDP Programmes and Projects.
  • Make Inputs to Policy Making Bodies.
  • Facilitate the Development of Service Delivery and Budget Implementation Plans.
  • Coordinate Research and Knowledge Management Services.
  • Coordinate Public Participation programmes.
  • Manage the Evaluation of Performance

Local Economic Development

  • Facilitate Develop and Implement Municipal LED, Rural Development and Tourism Strategy.
  • Mobilise and coordinate Public / Private Sector Support to Municipal LED, Rural Development and Tourism Programmes.
  • Identify and Market new Economic Opportunities.
  • Process Applications for Business Licences.
  • Promote Tourism within the Municipality.
  • Transport (air, Freight and Rail).

Land Use and Spatial Development

  • Land Use and Spatial Planning.
  • Building Control.
  • Geographical Information Systems.
  • Determine Land Potential

Human Settlements

  • Beneficiary administration.
  • Implementation of Housing Projects.
  • Planning for Human Settlement.

Property Services

  • Administration of Council Properties.
  • Valuation & Valuation Roll.