SPEECHES: Prayer Day Message
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SPEECHES: Prayer Day Message


Hon Executive Mayor of the GSDM Cllr Muzi Chirwa

Leadership across the board

Thank you very much for inviting us as the Govan Mbeki Municipality to grace this Prayer Day. Former US President His Excellency John F Kennedy once said and I quote, ‘Ask not what your country can do for you, but what can you do for your country’. I pose this challenge to all young people of this municipality. In the holy name of our Saviour, our King, The Son of God, Jesus Christ, we hereby give our warm salutations and heartfelt greetings to the revolutionary leadership of the ruling party in the GSDM, the ANC and the Tripartite Alliance in general.

We believe that through the power of prayer, the challenges that face us as this municipality and as individuals will be overcome simply because nothing is insurmountable in the eyes of our God. This prayer Day has come in the opportune time as we grapple with the daunting task of making the life of our people better and as students are preparing for the Final Examinations. It is true that our human intelligence has limitations but the omnipotence of God is limitless and is therefore all-conquering.

The new Administration in the Govan Mbeki Municipality has invited all the people of this area to join us in making this place a better community to live in. Let me take this opportunity and indicate that I am truly honoured to stand before all of you today as the newly elected Executive Mayor of this municipality which bears the name of one of our Liberation heroes, ISITHWALANDWE Dr. Govan Mbeki, a true revolutionary, a scholar of note with impeccable human and intellectual credentials, a visionary leader and THINKER Extra-Ordinaire.

As you would know, this Prayer Day today is to specifically give prayers for the Grade Twelve students who will be writing their final examinations soon and will thereafter be preparing to further their studies in different institutions of higher learning.

Let me quickly mention the fact that I am very passionate about youth empowerment through education. I believe that education is very critical for human development in all aspects of human endeavour. Therefore, do not be confused by those people in our communities who often say education is useless without money.

Those are intoxicated utterances by those who do not have a vision to make this country a paragon of success and civility through the power that education possesses. To the entire Govan Mbeki Municipality students, you are what an emerging sun represents at dawn.

Let me quickly remind you that in the near future, you will be leaders in different fields of our social, political and economic life. Those who are worried about the future of this country look at you for national inspiration and hope. For that, you all deserve a round of applause.

As a matter of fact, the success of this country largely depends on our young people getting education to improve the economic status of this country thereby improving their own lives and the lives of their families. The political changes that took place in 1994 made it a point that the doors of learning were opened to all our people especially those that were previously disadvantaged as a result of the racist policies of the Nationalist Party.

My dear Principals, parents, members of SGBs, I must really emphasize the fact that our young people should not take this era of opportunities for granted. They should use these opportunities as much as they can to empower themselves in all spheres especially on the education front.

It is therefore incumbent upon all of you young people to stand up and grab these opportunities with both hands and become the brainpower of the economy of this country. Dear Parents, please also kindly allow me to make special mention of the fact that it is so inspiring to see the successes made by Girl-Children in the field of education in particular and other fields in general. We have observed the consistent leadership in pass rates among girls in the whole country and this development is humbling and encouraging taking into cognizance our ugly past in which the patriarchal system used to treat girls with utter disrespect and disdain.

I would like to salute girl-children in this country who have achieved colourful results against all odds, Bravo to all of you because you have made us proud. You have represented IMBOKODO very well. You have successfully challenged and defeated patriarchal stereotypes with their barbarism and incivility.